China successfully lands the planet Zhang on Mars


China successfully lands the planet Zhang on Mars

A mock-up of Zezrang that can be seen with 6 wheels on a landing platform


China has announced that in the early hours of Saturday morning, it was able to successfully land the Zhang rover robot on the surface of the Red Planet. In this way, China will become the second member of the world rover club, and with this success, it will present itself as a serious competitor of the United States in the field of space.


Zherang, a state-of-the-art six-wheeled robot, was orbited by the Tianoi-1 spacecraft.


Tianoi-1 has been orbiting Mars since February, taking precise imaging of the planet's surface to identify the best point for Zhang to land.


What finally happened on Saturday morning was when China was able to successfully complete this complex operation.

The distance from Earth to Mars is about 320 million kilometers, and therefore each radio message takes about 18 minutes to reach from one to another, and therefore the landing operation on Mars must be completely automatic and the possibility of moment-to-moment control There is no earth.


Accordingly, experts consider China's success in carrying out this mission as a very big step for Beijing in the field of space competition with the United States.


So far, only the United States has been able to successfully land a Martian robot on the planet with its advanced space technology.


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